First of all, the Sardines team, hope that you and your loved ones are in good health. Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, we have finally decided to temporarily suspend the sale of Sardines this season. This will enable us, however, to focus intensely on the next 2020/2021 season with the hope of bringing out the best Sardines collection yet !!! The most comfortable, resistant and beautiful on the market!

Debido a la situación actual del Covid-19, finalmente hemos decidido cerrar temporalmente la venta de Sardines de esta temporada. Esto nos servirá, sin embargo, para focalizarnos intensamente en la próxima temporada 2020/2021 con la ilusión de sacar la mejor colección de Sardines!!! Las más cómodas, resistentes y bonitas del mercado! La espera valdrá la pena!!!!! The wait will be worth it !!!! See you soon!!!!! Take care Sardines! Be a Sardine !!! Flow and let flow! Like a Sardine !!

Our Sardines are different!

An everyday shoe for every occasion but not like every other shoe. SARDINES are different! Authentic, exceptionally comfortable thanks to their high quality insole with simple yet elegant design. Both modern and traditional at the same time. Made by hand. These are our SARDINES!

This is how our Sardines are and that is how we are: Simple, authentic, modern and with personality!

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