Fish for them!
SARDINES are different!

For men. An everyday shoe, for every occasion but not like every other shoe. SARDINES are different! Authentic, exceptionally comfortable thanks to their high quality insole with simple yet elegant design. Both modern and traditional at the same time. Made by hand, through a manufacturing process respectful of the people who make them and of the environment. These are our SARDINES! And this is what we want to be. Simple, authentic and modern at the same time, while always respecting our environment. Are you on board? BE A SARDINE!


The light and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Lisbon has inspired us to create this model that aims to combine simple and slender lines with superior, high quality materials.


Relaxing, crystal clear waters, aromas, vespas and bicycles, beach bars on the sand! This is our Formentera! And all this is reflected in our model! Live and let live!


The different vibes of Barcelona have inspired us to create this model. Functional and elegant. Modern in style but made in a traditional way.


Discover our project and our values.


Soon you’ll be able to buy them online, but for the moment you can find them here