First of all, the Sardines team, hope that you and your loved ones are in good health. Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, we have finally decided to temporarily suspend the sale of Sardines this season. This will enable us, however, to focus intensely on the next 2020/2021 season with the hope of bringing out the best Sardines collection yet !!! The most comfortable, resistant and beautiful on the market!

Debido a la situación actual del Covid-19, finalmente hemos decidido cerrar temporalmente la venta de Sardines de esta temporada. Esto nos servirá, sin embargo, para focalizarnos intensamente en la próxima temporada 2020/2021 con la ilusión de sacar la mejor colección de Sardines!!! Las más cómodas, resistentes y bonitas del mercado! La espera valdrá la pena!!!!! The wait will be worth it !!!! See you soon!!!!! Take care Sardines! Be a Sardine !!! Flow and let flow! Like a Sardine !!

Our beginnings

We had the chance to immerse ourselves in a totally new venture, the espadrille for men. “Incredibly” we launched, we were spontaneous and brave for the first time in many years. And we said “Yes”! We discovered a new world and a way of doing things differently.

We discovered the artisanal world of all the espadrille producers of La Rioja; authentic, sustainable, and tranquil. Yes really! Producers who are proud of their independent workshops and their product. Who work with natural, top-quality materials as in times gone by.
Who naturally seek an equilibrium between personal and professional life. People who represent a product that unites the values and goals that we aspire to today and which, in reality, are not new at all: authenticity, sustainability, responsibility, solidarity, stability, simplicity, eco-friendly….. And they inspired us greatly.

An authentic product. Handmade, as it has always been done. Made with natural materials. Solid and high quality.
Solo se han usado materiales de origen natural y son de mucha calidad.
Functional and exceptionally comfortable thanks to its insole.
Venturing to recover the pride of being a ‘basic essential’ product. Without renouncing aesthetics and the importance of beauty. Nor innovation.

Why a Sardine?


Because sardines are little everyday fish and have always existed, simple but no less exquisite The sardine is slender, bright, very healthy and ideal to share at a table with loved ones.

What’s more the espadrilles echo the shape of the sardine!
We love our name! It’s perfect for our product and what we want to convey.

How do we make them?

Raw materials

The manufacturing process begins by selecting the main raw materials: jute yarn, rubber, canvas/suede and cotton yarn.


Jute yarn is placed on braiding machines to proceed to elaborate braids.


The braid is placed on a special table to make the shape of the sole of the espadrille. Various measurements are used for each size of sole.


The stitching of the espadrille is done by hand. Remember, we are talking about an artisan product


Our jute soles are made with vulcanized rubber to make them more resistant to wear and moisture. The rubber soles are cut and placed in moulds, first the rubber is positioned and next the jute sole is placed on top. The rubber is vulcanized through the heat and pressure of the mould and we then have the sole of the espadrille finished

Cutting the canvas

The process continues with the cutting of the canvas/suede. Usually the canvas is cut into 12 pieces of 200mm each. Each espadrille has a back and a front, which is cut separately.


When everything is ready the packages are prepared. Each package contains five dozen soles of the same size, five dozen sets of canvas cloth/suede for the corresponding size, and cotton yarn for sewing,

El cosido

The stitching of the espadrille is done by hand. Remember, we are talking about an artisan product

Committed to quality and the environment


“CRAFTS OF LA RIOJA”, a badge awarded by the government of La Rioja which accredits and recognizes the origin and the artisanal nature of products made by companies and artisans of La Rioja.